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Bengals vary in price depending on their rarity and whether they are breeding stock. Pet Bengals are easier on the purse. The price varies but generally ranges from £450 – £600 but much more if your Bengal is a breeding cat. The Bengal is now recognized by the GCCF in the UK and you should contact them for a list of reputable breeders.

If you decide to have a kitten, you should contact the breeder in advance and visit their premises and build a relationship with them as they will be your mentors as your kitten grows into an adult Bengal. You should see the kittens when they are between 2 weeks and 6 weeks, their colouring at this age will show you their final adult colouring. It is better to see your kitten at this early age as Bengal Kittens do go through an ugly duckling stage at around 10 weeks, where they are referred to as “fuzzies” because their fur looks very fuzzy and doesn’t look anything like their final adult colouring and texture.

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