The Bengal Cat

Bengal Cats - Bengal Cats pictures - Bengal Cats information - Bengal Cats BookMajestic, intelligent and with more than a hint of the jungle in their stately bearing, the Bengal is one of the most attractive and intriguing of all cat species – and this book is the essential guide to their health, behaviour and well being.

With the blood of wild Asian leopard cats coursing in their veins the Bengal is a cat like no other, and experienced vet and cat expert Gordon Roberts guides you through their care. With chapters dedicated to health and diet you’ll find out how best to protect your Bengal from parasites, and how to keep it happy and healthy. There are also clear-eyed professional assessments of the issues of neutering and vaccination, which cut through old wives’ tales and tell you everything you need to know about feline health.

Given their wild ancestry, Bengal behaviour is often more challenging than that of other breeds, and the book offers detailed information about just why your cat does the things it does – and how to deal with problems and training.

Delivered in a brisk and engaging style, this is a fascinating read for any cat-lover, with endless insights – not least an account of just why cats always land on their feet.

Founded in professional veterinary knowledge and years of experience working with cats, delivered in eminently readable style, and crammed with practical tips and fascinating facts, this book is the unrivaled guide to caring for your Bengal and a rewarding read whether you’re an experienced Bengal-owner or a newcomer to this most exotic of breeds.

Topics covered include:
  • History
  • Breed profile
  • Grooming
  • Behaviour
  • Health and Happiness

Here’s what our happy customers are saying:

Nice book on Bengal Cats (add 5 gold stars *****)I have always been interested in cats and wanted to learn more on these Bengal cats. Its a nice e-book and has all the information I need from its history to behaviour and looking after such as its food, its diseases and so on. Glad I bought it. If I ever buy a cat, it will have to one of these ones, much more natural. Great book by every means.

–  Anton Neves

This book contained a lot more valuable information for all cat owners not just bengal owners (add 5 gold stars *****)When I saw the cat on the cover of this book I stopped in my tracks as it looked a lot like my cat Dougie. When you look inside the book- the cat shown under the History of the Bengal could be my Dougie. While my cat is a mix I think she has Bengal in her bloodline.

I liked reading this book for many reasons – first on the list is that it was written by a veterinarian. Along with information regarding the specific Bengal breed of cats, the author really over delivers with great information in health care, caring for your cat, how cats communicate and a lot more info. Even if you do not have a Bengal cat the information in this book is beyond useful for any cat owner. I definitely recommend this book.

– Diana L

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Bengal Cats - Bengal Cats pictures - Bengal Cats information - Bengal Cats Book